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In today’s world, Mobile phones and its importance needs no introduction. In earlier days, affording a mobile phone wasn’t so easy but the evolution of budget friendly phones made everyone’s life easier. People used to find it difficult to communicate to those who are far but the invention of mobile phone brought a new revolution to everyone’s life. Now the world seems small as you can contact people within few seconds through e-mail’s, messaging, calling or video calling. Now buying a mobile phone isn’t tough but opting a right brand of smartphone is a tough task to do as the mobile industry showers you with variety of options.

Nokia, Samsung, Oppo and Vivo are currently few of the most trust worthy brands and so we would like to offer you some of the oppo best phone under 10000. Check out the below listed options:

Oppo A83

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Oppo A83 is one of the cheapest mobile phones offered by Oppo. It features a touch display of 5.70 inch with a battery capacity of 3180 mAh which will not let you run for the charger early. Equipped with a 13MP rear camera and 8 MP front camera you can click pretty pictures. The color palette of this phone offers vibrant colors such as Champagne, Champagne Gold, Gold and Red which is quite attractive. Overall its proffers a decent performance.

Oppo A7

Oppo A7 is equipped with a touchscreen display of 6.20 inch which will let you enjoy your movie watching experience and the battery life will not trouble you in between as it comes with good battery capacity of 4230 mAh. Front camera with a 16 MP let’s you click mesmerizing selfies and the rear camera of 13 MP is also a perfect for clicking mesmerizing pictures. Simple yet stylish design weighing 168 grams is pleasant to carry.

Oppo F1

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Oppo F1 is elegantly designed smartphone with colors like gold and rose gold grabs the attention of the potential customers. This phone is known for its image clarity featuring front camera of 8MP and rear camera of 13 MP. Equipped with a display screen size of 5.0 inch and battery capacity of 2500 mAh, an internal storage capacity of 16 GB makes this phone an ideal one for minimum budget.

To conclude, smartphones plays a vital role in our day to day life so think twice before buying. Do consider the above mentioned oppo best phone under 10000 to make a clever choice. Thank you.


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