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One of the biggest smartphones makers is Samsung, the Korean tech giants have been continuously topping the sales of phones in each segment such as flagship devices, mid-level and budget smartphones. And when it comes to the mobile price of samsung they were lagging behind especially in the budget sections.

After the entry of Chinese smartphones companies like Xiaomi, Oppo, One Plus, Vivo in the international market, the pricing has become very aggressive and competitive. Samsung which was at the time competing with likes of Apple and Huawei had to focus on the mid-budget and budget smartphone devices to have a hold of the entire smartphone market.

 Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy devices are seen as the biggest rivals in the industry, as this is true that they produce some of the amazing devices that are innovative and technically sound in terms of software and hardware too.

But Samsung had the ambition to become the leading smartphone company and to achieve that it had to sell its phones in all the sections. So recently, the company had revised its pricing policy and mobile price of samsung and according to the market studies it has been found that these phones are doing pretty well.

Much of the credit goes to the R&D team for developing these phones as the rich visuals are a testament of such works.

In this article, we will make a list of the best Samsung phones that are visually rich but also are strong in specifications. As we know what the role does specifications plays, as it is understood to be the selling factor of a mobile smartphone.

The Best Smart Phone Of Samsung

Galaxy S 10e

This smartphone is the trimmed version of the flagship phone but it retains all the features but misses out on big screen and a triple camera set up. It is priced at just at under 50,000 in India.

Samsung A80

Samsung A80 is an invention due to t0 the presence of rotating cameras i.e. there is only one camera that acts as a front camera and rear camera. It is priced at under 40,000.

Samsung A50s

A50’s are Samsung answers to the Xioamis and Vivo, this phone comes with excellent cameras, good processors and rich display.

The last mobile price of samsung device in our list today is Samsung M 30, which is packed with good camera capable of capturing excellent images, colourful display and Samsung UI. This device is priced at under 15,000.

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