Amazing Benefits of Music Therapy

From ancient times, Music has also been a popular way of soothing the human senses, acts as being a mode of celebration, and brings happiness to the person. There is a power in Music that lifts one’s own spirits, reduces stress, improves the concentration in kids, and improves communication and social skills.

There is no wonder in accepting that Music was brought in as a scientific tool in the field of health sciences as well. After World War II, the profession of music therapy started to deal with anxiety, stress, and various other mental and physical illness were at their topmost levels. If talking about the main benefits of music therapy, then you can say that it is dynamic and can be worked in a variety of settings.

1. Reduces Stress and Anxiety

From ancient times there are philosophers who know about the benefits of music therapy for stress. And the buzz related to this always been around this. But the psychological and scientific implications for modern-day medicine were initially being proposed by Sigmund Freud.

2. Improves Healing

One of the pros of Music as a therapy is that it gets your heart and mind open. While listening to Music, you get more connected to your inner feelings and those who are around you. There is reduced muscle tension, successful emotional release, and more skillful verbalization involved as aiding through music therapy.

3. Helps Manage Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Disease

As per a study done by Juan Gomez Garcia and Maria Gomez Gallego on the benefits of music therapy, there is a significant improvement shown in the patients having mild to moderate Alzheimer’s Disease who went through music therapy for six weeks.  The improvements in the patient were in areas like orientation, memory, anxiety, and depression.

4. Helps in Recovering Lost Speech

The people who are currently getting over to a traumatic brain injury or stroke that might have damaged the left side of the brain responsible for the speech, music therapy has major pros and benefit for these people. The left side of the people’s brain works when some is trying to speak or is singing. They first sing the song and then gradually drop the melody.

5. Aids pain Relief

Music as a therapy also helps in getting the pain relieved completely. The effects of music therapy are tested over a variety of patients ranging from people having intense short pain to those suffering from chronic pain due to arthritis.

So, these are some of the benefits of music therapy that works on different kinds of people and are proven to be successful. In case you have some doubts or suggestions for us, then feel free to contact us.

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