Best Applications for Tracking Phones using IMEI Number

Nowadays are people are concerned about the safety of mobile phones because of the data stored on their phones. It doesn’t matter if they lost it somewhere or somebody has stolen the mobile phone. There are many ways to track mobile phones but using IMEI can be a good option to consider where all the mobile phones will have a 15-digit number in each device. So, track phone using IMEI android is the ideal option for people if they remember the number. Below are the best applications for tracking phones using IMEI number.

Google Find My Device

Google's - Find my phone - Security feature Overview and Review ...

You can see your phone with the help of a map where if the current location isn’t available, they will able to see the last known location. Try to navigate the device with Google Maps just by tapping the device location in the Maps icon. Even you can make the phone play a sound at full volume, in case the device is in the silent mode.

Lost Android

Using this application, you can control your mobile phone from a website called www. Also, you can either lock your lost phone or wipe the data remotely. Track phone using IMEI Android using GPS, start the alarm with a flashing screen.  The other very good feature about this application is that you will email to your mail-id whenever someone adds a new SIM card.

Wheres My Droid

Find your lost phones with Where's My Droid - Android Apps

By using this app, you can turn the ringer volume up and make the phone ring. So, the app will help in getting GPS coordinates with a link to Google maps if you are nor near to your phone for hearing the ringtone. The good feature about this app is that you can secure the mobile data if it’s stolen where you can wipe and lock the stolen phone. Also, locking the phone will make it unusable while trying to track your lost phone’s location. In case, if you can’t find the phone, then you can erase the personal information which you have with the help of wipe feature.

The above-mentioned applications are the ideal ones to choose from when it comes to track phone using IMEI Android. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about best applications for tracking phones using IMEI number. Thanks for reading!

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