Best mutual funds to invest in long term 

Mutual Funds are an officially handled investment fund by expert professionals. They bring in money from various investors to buy the securities. Investing in mutual funds can never be a wrong choice but to opt for a right kind of mutual fund is tough task to do. Perhaps, Mutual funds is secure to invest in as it comes with good amount of returns but at times you might face fluctuations when it comes to returns.

Following are the suggestions of mutual funds if you are looking for a long-term investment:

Axis Bluechip Fund (3 years return – 19.22%)

Axis Bluechip Fund is an equity or equity related scheme which focuses on investing in large cap stock companies as they are trustworthy as well as their benchmark would provide you with higher returns. Its goal is to provide wealth to those having plans for children welfare education, for their own retirement plans or for any other long-term growth.

Axis Focused 25 Fund (3 years return – 18.29%)

Axis Focused 25 Fund is an equity scheme concentrated to invest in maximum 25 stocks in large. Mid and small capital companies. It focuses on companies which follows up a business cycle and are generally not affected by fluctuations. It focuses on creation a wealth creation plan for retirements or for securing children education.

Axis Mid Cap Fund (3 years return – 17.55%)

Axis Mid Cap Fund is an equity and equity related instrument scheme which primarily invests in mid cap stocks having potential growth has they can deliver superior returns due to its fast-growing business. Mid cap companies are the emerging future but are also risky because these companies are completely unpredictable.

Invesco India Growth Opportunities Fund (3 years return – 15.90%)

Invesco India Growth Opportunities Fund mainly targets large and mid cap companies to invest and are best suitable for those looking for a 3-4 years of investment and are aiming for high returns but are also required to be prepared to deal with some unexpected losses.

SBI Focused Equity fund (3 years return – 15.50%)

SBI Focused Equity fund is best suitable for those who has an expert knowledge about the recent trends and are able choose the right one for themselves among-st all the other equity funds. They might also face moderate losses due to uncertain circumstances.

Hence, the above-mentioned best mutual funds to invest in long term have the same objective which is to generate long term capital to lead a better life in future. Thank you for reading.

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