Best News Apps in India

For some people, the news is very addictive to them where they spend a lot of time listening to news around the globe and they consider being up-to-date with everyday happenings as a great deal. Since, people have shifted their focus from websites, newspapers to apps on smartphones where they can stay updated which gives them breaking news updates, news on local and international developments, and a lot of more. So, it is important to have the news apps downloaded on smartphones where one does not lose touch with the events, updates, and relevant notifications from the rest of the world. Below are the best news apps in India.


Dailyhunt acquires Local Play to boost hyperlocal presence ...

Dailyhunt will provide its users with the latest news about politics, sports, technology, business, entertainment, and more in India and even around the world for free of charge. So, it is one of the best apps where customized updates for people. Als, it also features news in English and in the local Indian language.


People always need news apps live where we can get the latest news and updates on the go and this is done by a popular app NewsPoint. It delivers you local news from the biggest metros to the smallest of towns and villages across the length and breadth of India. This application is available in various Indian languages. So, the main reason to consider this app to be the top news apps for iPhone and Android where you can watch tv and check out news from the biggest news channels and media houses as well. NewsPoint is the best news apps in India.

Jio News

JioNews: Breaking News, Live News, Videos & Newspaper.

Jio News is a very popular news app for iOS and Android phones can have. The app provides breaking news updates, magazines, Live TV, newspapers, all languages preferred by the user. The app aggregates news from the top news sources which includes more than 250 online newspapers, 190 and above news channels, more than 800 magazines, and other news and updates from different websites. You can read all that you want from this app in more than 12 different languages.

The above-mentioned apps are the ideal ones to choose from when it comes to news.  Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about the best news apps in India. Thanks for reading!


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