Best Online Multiplayer Games PS4

Well, you might be wondering which are the current ps4 games for multiplayer in the market. However, PlayStation 4 has its earned its place as the best-selling home console worldwide for a reason, full of great exclusives and multiplatform titles that almost everyone will enjoy. Now, the PS4 controller is officially called the Dualshock 4 and you will be getting 2 players joystick while purchasing the gaming console. So, whether it’s football, racing games, or shooting games then it is difficult to decide what to play with so many options available. Below are the best online multiplayer games ps4.


Fortnite Game | PS4 - PlayStation

The Battle Royale is by far the most popular phase in Fortnite where every player can relate to the high-intensity which tags along to the big finale. Try not to mention, the intricate graphic details and the mix of shooting and building which makes it stand apart and one of the most addictive games right now. So, if you are planning to join to play with your friends then it would fun and enjoyable.


FIFA is not exactly the same as you are thinking. In this PlayStation game, you can set a time and enter into a massive multiplayer knockout tournament or even a league. Even you can use headphones for having a live chat with every player in the tournament. Also, you can simply enter into an online tournament and make new friends for accompanying when you feel bored to play with your close friends. FIFA 20 is the best online multiplayer games ps4.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War

You are going to be killing each other in this game and by teaming up with friends online, you can get lengthly, the fully-fledged campaign which is packed with variety that keeps guessing at every corner. Each and every mission feels very unique and while the different characters allow you to experiment online.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

This CoD: Modern Warfare Mode Will Be Exclusive To PS4 For A Whole ...

This game will boast an extremely robust online multiplayer. It’s back to basics approach means the action feels quite familiar and a couple of small touches refresh the masterful gameplay. The loop of leveling up to unlock new gear, build your own classes, and earn even more rewards like the gun parts is as addictive as ever.

The above-mentioned games are the ideal ones to choose for Playstation to play in multiplayer mode. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about the best online multiplayer games ps4. Thanks for reading!

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