Best stock market apps India

Well, with the advancement in technology, the traders need not see the television or computer screens for getting the stock market updates.  So, the companies have created the applications for the traders for keeping tabs on the rise and fall of the stocks on a daily basis and maybe hours also.  These applications are available in the playstore and can be installed using smartphones or tabs. Also, with the help of high-speed internet trading can be done faster and more efficient when the traders are searching for the best stock market apps India. below are the top stock market apps in India.

Moneycontrol App

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This application will contain features like latest news, in-depth financial information and easy access to statistics across the various stock exchanges. Also, this application will provide live telecast of all CNBC channels.  However, if the trader can keep track of live markets which is going on and even the financial statistics.

ET Markets App

ET Markets application was introduced by Economic Times and will give input about the stocks in various regional languages. Also, the app will provide smart voice search functions and trader can customize news, analyze and data which is according to their preferences.

BSE NSE Live Stock 

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The BSE NSE Live stock will provide information how does the stocks takes place regularly from different websites like Reuters, CNBC, Moneycontrol and Investopedia and other sources. Also, the application will give latest finance, economy, savings and investments.

IIFL Markets 

The IIFL markets is known as the best stock market apps India and gives instant trading to registered customers. So, the traders can view the equity research reports from IIFL team, can receive price alerts regarding the stocks and also customizable watchlist. Even the traders can request for support about stocks instantly from the app.

Stock Edge

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The Stock Edge will be focused mainly on the research and analytics. It will provide tools for fundamental, technical and derivatives research. So, the app can allow the traders to conduct price scans and filter it out according to their highs and lows which is achieved in a week. Also, the app will allow check moving averages, aggressive loans and shorts.

Apart from these, there are few other apps that can provide information about trading in stock market, however above applications are best stock market apps India that can give the extract statistics regarding the price and everything else. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about top stock market apps in India. Thanks for reading!

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