Four of the Most Popular Electric Guitars

One can get confused in deciding the best electric guitars out of the number of options available in the market. While you can not judge any guitar as worst or best, but there are some guitars that have grained into our collective headspace. And after all these, there are some of the best electric guitar brands that are also made famous by them, which have made a different impression in the modern musical environment.

Now to help you out, we are trying to incorporate a list of guitars that have, from time to time, managed to put an impression in the minds of music lovers and proved to be the best electric guitar also plays an important role in their fame. So, here are four of the best electric guitar; brands for them are also mentioned.

1. Fender Telecaster

In the era of 1950, an electric guitar having a single pickup named Esquire is introduced by Leo Fender, and after a few weeks of the gap the dual-pickup version of that same electric guitar is introduced called the Broadcaster, but after some time due to trademark issues renamed to the Telecaster. And it became the world’s first mass-produced electric guitar having a solid body.

2. Fender Stratocaster

Introduced in the year 1954, Stratocaster ushered in the new era of guitar design and has been a part of the development of modern music as all we know. The Strat, as been known by most of us, is famous among favorite players from all the genres. As like its elder cousin, it also features single-coil pickups, But in this guitar rather than just pickups there are also bridge and neck, having a middle pickup and a five selector allowing further in-between tonal variations

3. Gibson Les Paul

For a number of years, the jazz guitarist Les Paul worked with his own electric guitar designs, but his first creation got initially rejected by Gibson’s parent company in the year 1946. But with the coming years the growing popularity of Paul as an artist, Gibson got a deal with him to endorse their new design for a solid body guitar. And in 1952, After the name of Les Paul, the guitar got released, and from that year, it has been the most imitated and sought after guitar by most of the people.

4. Gibson ES-335

During the year 1958, Gibson introduced a new guitar ES-335 as a part of their existing Spanish line of guitars, and with this is the world’s first commercially available semi-hollow guitar.¬† This guitar is a widely used element in practically every genre imaginable. A warm and woody sound is delivered through the ES-335 semi-hollow body.

So, these are the four best electric guitar brands that are also mentioned with these guitars and are always liked by the ones who know about music and guitars. In case you have some doubts or suggestions for us, then feel free to contact us.

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