Godaddy latest Hosting Review 2020

GoDaddy is known for its attention-grabbing commercials and outlandish ads. The company initiated with a mission to provide people with a reasonable, simple way to launch their ideas on online platforms. Over time, GoDaddy has been emerged to be one of the best hosting service providers across the globe. Besides its comprehensive web hosting services, GoDaddy has been popularly titled as the World’s Largest Domain Registrar since 2005. With over millions of customers using GoDaddy hosting in order to support their online projects, the web hosting service provider is surely doing things properly.

GoDaddy is a massive hosting machine wherein the users can easily establish GoDaddy domains, build a website and publish it on to the web efficiently and the company also provides remarkable tools for users to develop, customize and promote their websites. 

Now let’s take you through the features that make GoDaddy the best one out there.

Ease of Use:

GoDaddy is impartially easy to use a hosting service provider. The hosting plans are equipped with the industry-standard third-party control panel, cPanel, which gives complete control over the management of your website. Also, migration of websites from any other hosting service provider can be done smoothly. First-time users can easily master the GoDaddy templates while developing a website. For the E-commerce customers, the GoDaddy’s quick shopping cart installation will make work easier. With numerous one-click installation applications available, the company offers a substantial amount of energy-saving modes. 


Security is one of the major aspects that a client would look for. Well, GoDaddy is ideal for the same. GoDaddy generates more than satisfactory services when it comes to ensuring the security of your website. The introductory shared hosting plan utilizes a secure shell and uses spam detections in the control panel and e-mail accounts. The advanced plans employ better intensive security offering support for Secure Socket Layer and much more. The hosting plans also offer an option for SiteLock, which provides a spam and malware monitoring, app scanning, and site-verification certificate. 

Customer Service Support:

GoDaddy provides 24/7 customer support featuring knowledge base guidelines, live chat options, and phone support. Via Live Chat, one can start by choosing from a list of departments relevant to your problem, and you will then be connected to an expert within a minute. 

Performance and Uptime:

One of the major GoDaddy strengths is that one can always rely on its dependable uptime, ensuring that your website is accessible at any point of time. The company claims a 99.97% uptime guarantee, which is incredible and goes out of its way to uphold its promise. 

Page Loading Speed:

Page Loading Speed matters the most when you launch your website on the internet. As per sources, low page loading speed forces visitors to leave the website at the earliest, which eventually has a negative impact on the search engine ranking, considering which GoDaddy is great to opt has it offers an average page loading time of 554ms. 

Website Builder Features:

A few clicks would enable you to develop a good structure website, and with one more click ahead, you can install one of over 200 apps, which includes WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla, that will help you build, market as well as monitor your GoDaddy online store. The website builder and the web design services can be used effectively over GoDaddy transfer domains as well, which means you can freshen up your old website here with GoDaddy’s tools. 

To conclude, GoDaddy is a pool of opportunities that would help you grow and provide complete value to what you pay for optimizing its services. Therefore, opting GoDaddy would surely be an ideal option to get the best for your business.

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