HostGator Review 2020: A Review of HostGator Web Hosting Service

HostGator is one of the best companies which has different type of hosting for their users. They have been providing reliable web hosting services for quite a long time. The web hosting plans available with HostGator are some of the best plans available as they come with a lot of premium features. Most of these features would cost someone a lot of money. So here are some of the hosting plans that are available with Hostgator. We hope that these would be of help to you.

Top 5 types of Hosting’s by HostGator:

Shared Web Hosting:

Shared Web Hosting also known as web hosting which is especially build for easy use for their customers. This Web Hosting also offer their customer a one-year domain name for free for one-year and the annual plan comes with SSL Certificates. They have flexible and easy to control cPanel and along with that they also ensure 99.9% uptime. Shared Web Hosting offers three types of plans namely Hatchling, Baby and Business Plan which at the starting price of $2.75 per month.

Cloud Web Hosting:

Cloud Web Hosting is another type of hosting provided by HostGator for the best performance and secure server. This web hosting is best for people who are looking for high speed and need more resources for their website. Another amazing feature of Web Hosting is that they provide statistic dashboard to their users plus a free one-year domain on annual plans. Cloud Web Hosting offers three type of plans that starts from $4.96 per month.

WordPress Hosting:

WordPress Hosting is one of the most popular type of hosting by HostGator for their users with easy to control cPanel. This hosting gives the best performance and is 2.5X faster than other hosting. This hosting also provides free migration to all their users and also has advanced security features as they know how important it is. WordPress Hosting has 3 types of plans for their users namely starter, standard and Business plan at the starting price of $5.95.

Reseller Hosting:

Reseller Hosting is said to be one of the best hosting types by HostGator as this is primarily built for their users to earn money. If you are willing to earn money on side then reseller hosting one of the best types that you can select as it has many powerful tools which and quite flexible that can fit all the requirements of clients. You can now run a business of your own as this hosting is also very easy to upgrade as they have 3 types of plans starting from $19.95 per month.

VPS Hosting:

Another type of hosting by HostGator that gives you a full dedicated control on your site is VPS Hosting. This hosting comes with advanced functionality for best performance with powerful hardware. With VPS Hosting you can easily have a weekly backup so that you don’t have to fear on losing all your data. VPS hosting has many tools offered that can be used for website development, plus it is also scalable as you can upgrade it at any time. They have three type of plans starting from $19.95 per month.

The above mentioned are said to the best type of hosting that are available for all users and will give you the best performance and at the best speed. The best hosting is only the best till it fulfills all the requirements that a user has. HostGator has many plans offered for their users that can give you the best features and at affordable prices. So now you can choose the best type of hosting for your domain name.

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