How to get Google Analytics Certification

Google Analytics is known as the most widely used analytics software in the market and many business organizations will use this one for assessing and improving their marketing strategies for making an income out of their investment. You don’t have to be certified in Google Analytics to use the program. Many people will think that getting the certification or deep insights regarding Google Analytics will be sufficient for their future purpose. So, Google Analytics will worth as always for your organization. Below are the steps in how to get google analytics certification.

Sign up for Google Partners

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The first step which you have to take is by signing up for Google Partners because you need to be a partner for taking GAIQ. This can be a career booster to you because Google Partners will come up with a badge that shows that you are certified in different areas of Google. Other people can see your Badge and will recognize you as an expert. So, this can be ideal for putting your resume or LinkedIn Profile and need to be associated with the business.

Take the GAIQ Exam

 After signing up for Partners you have to take the exam and GAIQ is broken up into modules. You need to take the exam one subject at a time and the website will state that you have 60 minutes for taking up the exam, however, you will have 90 minutes from beginning to finish time.  So, there will be 70 questions total which consists of multiple choice and True/False. As soon as you begin the exam the timer begins counting down and unable to press pause for any reason. Once you pass the GAIQ you will receive a certificate then it can be reflected in the Google Partners accounts and everyone will know about the analytic. This step is useful in how to get google analytics certification.

Is it worth taking Google Analytics Certification?

How to Get a Google Analytics Certification (& Is It Really Worth It?)

Getting Certified is not easy and there is a chance of picking up a lot of analytic knowledge in preparation for the test. Even there is much more than using the program in passing here and there. You can learn about information regarding the specific features where you can pass on to your colleagues and employees.

The above-mentioned methods can be the ideal ways of learning about Google Analytics and getting a certificate from them for improving your knowledge. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about how to get google analytics certification. Thanks for reading!

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