How to Pick a Laptop

Laptops are compact enough to carry with you, yet versatile enough to run demanding applications. It can be the best tool for doing serious work or play whether you are at home, on the road, or in a college classroom. With standalone tablets and smartphones are always popular, most people realize that everything from typing a research paper to crunching video to gaming works better on a laptop. Below are the step in how to pick a laptop


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Laptops come in all shapes and sizes. You need to figure out how portable you want your laptop to be. In case, if you don’t want to carry your laptop very often, then you might consider 15-inch laptops that will have the better spec and more screen estate for multitasking. In case, if you are working in different locations or travel lot then 13- or 14-inch laptops can be better which are lighter and provides longer battery life.

Screen Quality

Since you probably end up staring at your laptop screen hours at a time, you will probably want to make sure you will get a screen that is comfortable to look and use. Even you might consider whether you want your next laptop to have a touchscreen. However, touchscreens are very common and they can make some tasks easy than others.

Processing Power (CPU)

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Your laptop’s CPU must have a huge influence on the performance, but there are many different types of processors with different specifications. So, the other important specifications that need to consider is cache size, number of cores, frequency, and thermal design power. Try to consider a nice Intel Core i5 or i7 processor with a frequency of 3GHz which must be good for programming.


You can’t afford to compromise on the laptop’s Keyboard quality since you have to use the keyboard for coding all day. So, make sure that laptops have a compact keyboard layout. The other important thing is that try out a laptop’s keyboard completely before you buy it. Also, see that the keys are comfortable and easy to reach with good travel. A back-lit keyboard is useful if you are working on low-light conditions often.

Operating System

Your choice of the operating system can determine which laptop to buy to a large extent. So, Windows users will have a lot of options and in case if your macOS then you have limited their offerings.

 The above-mentioned steps are ideal things to consider while buying a new laptop. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about how to pick a laptop. Thanks for reading!

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