Latest Technologies in Software

Trending software technologies will vary every year in the IT field according to its need and demand for the technology. As technology evolves, it enables even faster and progresses which causes an acceleration of the rate of change which becomes exponential. Nowadays, the speed at which the technology is growing a lot of development is made in the software section as it is slowly becoming the backbone of this computer world. Below are the latest technologies in software.

Artificial Intelligence

How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Businesses - UKTN (UK ...

As of now, Artificial Intelligence has received a lot of buzz in recent years and continues to be a trend to watch because its effects on how we live, work, and play in the early stages. The other things about this technology are that other branches of AI have developed which includes Machine learning. Also, AI refer to computer system built to mimic human intelligence and perform tasks such as recognition of images, speech or pattern s and decision making. Even AI can do these tasks faster and more accurately than humans. Artificial Intelligence is emerging as the latest technologies in software.

Robotic Process Automation

Just Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation is another technology which is automating jobs. RPA is the use of software to automate business processes such as interpreting applications, processing transactions, dealing with data, and even replying to emails.  So, RPA offers plenty of career opportunities, including developer, project manager, business analyst, solution architect, and consultant. Also, if you are keen on pursuing a career in this field, the introduction to Robotic Process Automation would be the next step for kickstarting an RPA career.

Edge Computing

Edge computing: the what, how and where of the edge

Formerly a technology trend to watch, cloud computing has become mainstream with major players AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud dominating the market. The adoption of cloud computing is still growing as more and more businesses migrate to a cloud solution. So, Edge computing is designed to help solve some of those problems as a way to bypass the latency which is caused by cloud computing and getting data to the data centre for processing.

The above-mentioned types of technologies are emerging in the software industry according to the needs of every organization. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about the latest technologies in software. Thanks for reading!

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