Objectives of marketing management

 Well, Marketing targets are goals set by a organization when marketing its goods or services to potential customers which should be accomplished within a given time frame. In other words, marketing targets are the marketing strategy set to achieve the overall organizational goals.

Now we are going to explain about objectives of marketing management. Check them out below;

1. Creation of Demand:

The first aim of marketing management is to create demand through different means. A deliberate effort is made to find out the consumer’s desires and tastes. Goods and services are manufactured to meet the customers needs. Demand is also created by informing customers about the usefulness of the different goods and services.

2. Customer Satisfaction:

Before offering any goods or services, the marketing manager has to study customers ‘ demands. Selling the goods or services isn’t as important as meeting the needs of the customers. Modern marketing is client-oriented. It starts with the client and ends with him.

3. Market Share:

Increasing company aims to increase its market share, i.e. the ratio of its sales to the overall economic sales. For example, both Pepsi and Coke are competing with each other to raise their market share. To this end, they introduced creative ads, creative packaging, promotional sales practices, etc.

4. Generation of Profits:

The Marketing department is the only department that generates business revenue. The sale of want-satisfying products must yield sufficient profits. If the company doesn’t earn profits it won’t be able to survive on the market. In addition, profits are also required to the company’s growth and diversification.

5. Creation of Goodwill and Public Image:

Another marketing strategy is to create a firm’s brand image over a span. The Marketing department provides consumers with quality goods at fair prices and thus generates the consumer impact.

By implementing image-building practices such as product promotion, advertisement and ads, high quality, fair price, convenient distribution channels, etc., the marketing manager aims to improve the business’ goodwill.

So these all are the best ideas about objective of marketing of management.

I hope we have included all the information about objectives of marketing management. Stay tuned for more updates.

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