Top 10 Best Piano Brands Present in the World

With working for centuries on ongoing artistic endeavors, Europe has got to produce some of the finest pianos available in the world. And these best piano brands coming from Europe just got their names at the top of the list.  And there are not many craftsmen who work lovingly on creating these acoustic grand pianos with the accumulated knowledge of working with these pianos for decades or from the family secrets and traditions.

These are some of the best piano brands which are recognized all over the world for the quality of the products they offer. And those mass-produced pianos with familiar and established names, can not get close to these European Pianos. But in proportion to the design and quality of components present in the pianos, they are also expensive.

1. C. Bechstein

Dating back to 1853, the origin of this brand comes from Germany. There are two quality levels are offered based on the level of quality, a lower-priced B series which has “Bechstein” written on the fallboard. And the higher-priced instrument is labeled as “C. Bechstein,” or also known as the C series, having an almost double price tag.

2. Bluthner

From 19853, Bluthner is making some of the finest pianos in the world. In spit of war, occupation, and nationalization, the company remained under the management of the Bluthner family. The sound of Bluthner is deeper and darker, warmer, and lyrical than most of its competition and more favorably priced as per some of its competition. And with this only 500 grands get produced in a year.

3. Bosendorfer

In 1828, an Austrian named Ignaz Bosendorfer founded his company and got famous when endorsed by Franz Liszt in his concert grand. The main thing in this event is that the legend can destroy all of the pianos with his enthusiastic playing, but this thing does not apply for Bosendorfer, even after an extreme level of performance.

4. Fazioli

While most of the European pianos date back form the 17th century, but they’re a new piano being part of the list that is quickly becoming a cult between all the musicians and all of those experts who know about the quality sound. Immediately put on the Top Tier by the reliability and the flawless performance quality offered by the brand. For most of the prestigious concerts and competitions, this brand is getting chosen over all the other brands.

So, these are the four best piano brands that are just rocking all over the world with the type of performance that they are offering through their products. In case you feel that you have some doubts or suggestion, then feel free to contact us.

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