Types of Electronic Music

Electronic music is sometimes treated as the music genre in itself and might be confusing because many people will use the term electronic music to the kind of music that we can hear in the charts like David Guetta, Calvin Harris. So, there are varieties when it comes to traditions, hustle, musical instruments, pitch loudness, and other parameters.  Also, different music types have their periods through which they can flourish and become most eminent.  Below are the types of electronic music.


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House music is the first form of electronic music that has been known for today’s generation, and many people will think still this is the best.  House music was invented in the neighborhoods of Chicago in the 19080s, and music came into light from ashes of disco, which was used by young musicians who brought Roland TR-808s. House has remained popular since with the DJs from the genre’s still playing festivals and selling out shows around the world and classic tracks continuing to set dancefloors.


Keeping the list of chronological, techno is the second genre of electronic music to breakthrough. It is inspired in equal parts by disco, house, and computer-based music coming out of Europe and japan techno, which was emerged in Detroit under similar circumstances to the house in Chicago.


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Taking a trip over the pond to London, we find DUBSTEP. The successor to another UK genre, 2-step dubstep’s aggressive sound, is based on 140bpm tempos and the wild use of electronic instruments. You can trace dubstep’s origins back to the 1990s, but became popular in the mid-2000s thanks to mainstream exposure from BBC DJs like John Peel, and later breakthrough mainstream hits from the likes of Skrillex. Dubstep can be well known in the types of electronic music.


Drum and Bass are the origins in the UK rave and jungle scenes of the 1990s. Clocking in at a heart tracing 160 bpm as a minimum, drum, and Bass unsurprisingly focuses on drum rhythms and bass lines over all else.

The above-mentioned music types are very much known in the industry for a longer time, and this kind of music can be used by various artists across the world. I hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about types of electronic music. Thanks for reading!

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