Wix Latest Review 2020 – Is it still a good site builder Compared to WordPress?

WIX is a famous website builder that allows users to build extremely creative and interactive websites using its drag and drop features. However, it is different from other CMS builders such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal etc.

It although retains all the characteristics and features of most all CMS, that means you will be able to handle your content with out much difficulties. We assume that you might have found numerous articles on comparison on WordPress Vs WIX.

In this article, we will not push it make it a comparison since we know WIX is unique service its own. Let’s dive in and find out the pros and cons of WIX


Design Templates 

WIX is known for its visual appearance due to the presence of appealing design and themes. It has tons of modern themes under its belt which can be great for designers and creative business and organizations. 

WIX has recently turned to “Artificial Intelligence” that makes designing and building websites easier. We believe if you are design centric person, then WIX is your call. With the presence of manuals and tutorials one can build a website easily.

Short Term Plans

If you do not mind your website to bear the extension WIX, then you can get a very good deal in when purchasing a plan. However, there are certain limitations such as limited storages and data. 

This will be a great way for building portfolio and personal blogs. So, if you are planning on building larger sites or professional sites, we recommend you to go for other CMS platforms or website builder. 

Speed & Performance 

WIX websites are exclusively hosted on WIX servers hence you can already guess that it has highly optimized for its own websites unlike other servers. It is known for its responsive and speed performance and not to forget the security it offers.

The company claims that is uses Cloud Technology since cloud technology is one of growing technologies and most of the companies and business are moving to this technology. It has servers at most of the important location of the globe and has an up time of more than 99.8%, which is pretty good when compared to other hosting services.



Pricing has become an important factor because there are hundreds of hosting companies in the world fighting neck to neck. So now days customers look for the best features without having to spend a lot of money.

The starting plan for WIX are-

Wix plans












Business Basic



The pricing for WIX is quite expensive when it is compared to other hosting plans as HostGator, InterServer, GoDaddy etc. Which can be also due to other cloud technology and the plans can be quite confusing as there are various plans. Therefore, you need to make sure that you only choose the right plan. 

Not SEO Friendly 

Most of the SEO professionals don’t agree on using WIX services, however, there might be a few percentages that might like it. Since Google has banned the use of Flash which is still used by WIX websites. 

For small business that depends on organic search will not like the fact that it has certain disadvantages such as Google Bots crawls and indexing. It has already has also concerns about content management above 10,000 + pages.


WIX is a great website builder which is unique for its own way. However, it is lack’s some important features that other CMS services provide and is costlier than other service providers too. It is a one-place solution for website building. 


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