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The United States is fast-pacing the introduction of information technology workers. According to a new study from The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), between 2017 and 2018, more than 260,000 IT workers were added; an rise of 2.3 per cent. It is estimated that the demand for IT staff will continue to grow and we would like to help you customize your skillset to ensure that you are one of the top talents on the hiring list of any organization. To support we have built a list of most in demand skills for the future.

  1. Hardware engineers

Hardware engineers deal with the computers ‘physical components. We are the ones that are focused on the actual design, development, or modification of computer hardware. To meet the specialized needs of emerging applications, hardware engineers collaborate alongside other tech pros. Hardware engineers are usually expected to obtain a degree in computer engineering or electrical engineering before moving to designing the hardware. If you earn your master’s degree, you should expect a median salary of $77 K – $85 K, with a higher pay scale.

2. Information Security Analyst

Information Security experts guard against disclosure of our personal and company data to the wrong people. You will be working as an information security analyst to develop and execute security frameworks and procedures to ensure that our sensitive information is secure from cyber threats or cyber warfare. It is more likely that information security analysts will have a degree in information management, network security, computer science or a related area. The median salary range for information security analysts is $70 K – $83 K, and job growth over the next few years is expected to rise a whopping 18 percent.

3. Computer Systems Analyst

A computer systems analyst is a highly trained IT team specialist who can be called upon to analyze the computer systems and procedures for productivity and other purposes of a organization. The analyst would then be able to propose, build and execute their plan for optimizing a company’s IT budget return on investment. It is also expected that this sector will be one of the most sought after positions in information technology in the coming years. You should expect a median wage of $66 K-$ 90 K with a degree in computer information systems, computer science, information technology or related fields. Analysts on computer systems can also get an MBA to better understand the needs of a company.

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If you’d like to find out more about any of the jobs on our most in demand skills for the future list, contact Talent Path today and get ready to launch your career in information technology.


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