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Animation is an amazing field where they create stories and convey their thoughts by the drawing on the computer. The main use in this field is the requirement of the best software animation as it plays a very vital role for all the people who are into this field. Animation software help you in 2D, 3D and computer generated graphics. These software’s mainly used for special effects or to add music and many other features. These software’s are mainly used by people who are working for films or televisions, commercials, cartoons any by any other people.

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Some of the best software animation that are for free are:


Blender is one of the best software with amazing features that you can use for free. The features of this software are that it is primarily designed for powerful animation and customization for interface operator. It also has realistic rendering with high end production path tracer and has industry average simulation.

Pow Toon

This is also a free tool for animation which is very simple and easy to use. Some of the foremost features of this software are that the interface is easy to use and have free royalty content. You can easily access to video library and have an option of transferring the data to other platforms.


This is one of the most user-friendly software as it is not much complicated and easy to use. The key feature of this animation tool is it has a massive library of characters and templates and have a user interface of drag and drop. They also have a white board video maker and an info graphic maker too.


Pencil2D is an animation software which is for free and has no paid plans. The main features of this animation tool is that it has an easy interface user and can efficient for popular OS. This is a very lightweight program where you can switch between direction and raster the files easily.

These are some of the best software animation that are for free and very easy to use. You can choose any of these software for the best and great experience. We hope you have got all the information you were looking for and found this articles helpful. Do contact us for any suggestion or doubts you were looking for. Keep visiting to not miss out on any latest post regarding video production, gadgets, latest tech and software.

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