HostPapa Hosting Review: What’s Great & What Not About This Web-Hosting

HostPapa is a Canadian Web hosting provider, and it has been providing reliable web hosting services for quite a long time. They are said to be one of the best web hosts out there because they provide web hosting at cheap rates, and along with that, the server response time of the site quite remarkable, and so is the uptime. But along with all these, they also provide one free domain with almost all of their web hosting plans. Let’s discuss more them down below. 

HostPapa Review:

HostPapa has quite a lot of features. Let’s discuss some of its features down below. 


Uptime is one of the essential parts of web hosting. A web host that has low uptime is not worth your time and your money as well. But HostPapa is quite different in this case. They promise to provide 99.99% uptime, and they do deliver what they promise. We used their services for about six months, and just like they promised, the uptime averaged at 99.99%. Well, there were some downtimes, but that was for a very low timeframe. 


HostPapa is quite user friendly, and it’s disconcerting from the very beginning that they don’t provide every month facilities for billing. Instead, they ask you for a significant sum at the very beginning. Having said that, the method of payment is fairly easy. You just pick the program you like. You select the name of your website or use the existing domain name. After that, you need to provide the payment details, and then you start the process of setting up your account.


cPanel is the most common control panel, and it allows control of your account. They support a range of specific facilities that help users managing docs, etc. and also working with directories, building and also managing your website account, managing the email, etc. cPanel has such an easy-to-use interface that it is suitable for newbies. Control panels provided by others are a bit difficult for beginners to handle with ease. 

Server Response Time:

HostPapa standardly uses in-built storing and editing any of these settings is possible. However, you can boost the swiftness a little by compressing the MIME file forms. This up-gradation is possible in the software portion of cPanel. 

The Apache handles requests can be tweaked by the help of a setting called “Optimize Website.” And this has allowed quite a lot of users to increase their site loading time from one second to 0.9 seconds. WordPress sites that use the optimized WordPress server should load quickly. Along with that, you can get HostPapa to load even faster by doing a few tweaks.

Customer Support:

One of the most remarkable features of HostPapa is their customer support. You can contact them at any given moment as they are available 24/7. They can be contacted via Live Chat, Support Tickets, and their response time is very fast too. 

One of the best features of HostPapa is that it provides video tutorials. The help you in learning by providing you with a step-by-step procedure. Apart from that, they also have an extensive knowledge base that helps you in learning and solving your problems with ease. 

HostPapa has quite a lot of other features as well. The features that have been mentioned here are only a few. So, if you are just starting or looking for something cheap and reliable at the same time, HostPapa is the web host you should choose. We hope that the provided information has been of help to you. 


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