What Are The Famous EDM Festivals California?

The term EDM stands for Electronic Dance Music and is new age music that was developed in the ’90s but peaked in the latter part of the 2000s. Every year thousands of songs are produced, and the musicians who create this kind of music are popularly known as DJ or Disk Jockey.

EDM has special places in the hearts and minds of the Millenials and Gen Z, as they grew up listening up to this genre of music, and it has been observed that pop songs or any other songs use elements from this song. With that, you can assume its popularity and effect on our culture.

EDM festivals are one of the biggest festivals, and some of the biggest names are Tomorrowland, Electric Daisy Carnival, Ultra Music Festivals, Electric Zoo, Global Gathering, etc.

While there are many other national and local EDM festivals to attend to have a taste of the music and especially if you are from California, you can attend to these famous EDM festivals California right now.

Famous EDM Festivals California:

Coachella Music Festival

Coachella Music Festival perhaps is one of the best festivals to attend as the line for the concerts are packed with the famous and exciting artist. It not only confined to EDM festivals but also you can witness artists from other genres too such as Rock, RnB, Blue, Pop, etc.

Lightning In A Bottle

This music festival is the one where music lovers wouldn’t want to miss out. It is held annually, and one can witness Electronic Dance Music, Folk Music, Experimental Music in the event.

Wanderlust Festival

This music festival attracts yoga lovers from all around the globe as the main objective for conducting this festival is to meet and gather and do yoga together. You can expect some kind of EDM playing while doing the body twisting moves.


This music event started in the year 2007, and its lines up always included emerging artists. And apart from EDM, you will be able to enjoy Alternative Music, Techno, Dubstep, etc.


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